About Us

About Us


Hi. My name is Toni.
My husband Jim bought me this ranch when we married in 2000.
He saw the love I have for horses and all other animals and decided that I needed to share my passion with others.
So we started Loveland Ranch.
I have been riding for 40 years as I acquired my first horse when I was 11.
Thru falls,tears.scrapes and a few broken bones I finally learned the true definition of riding a horse.
Staying on top. LOL.
Well after showing at fairs,riding horses for people at auctions,barrel racing and training for others and myself.
I decided to do it all.
I have horses I have had for 21 years so you know I know how to feed and care for them.
We dont have a fancy house or fancy things because we dont mind saying we are horse poor.
My husband works a full time job and then comes home to work full time for the ranch.
You must love what you do or who your doing it for to do this kind of hard work and we are both.
Come share that with us.

Trail rides will only be done at 1707 Spring Creek Drive Spring, Texas 77386

Barrel racing lessons will only be done at 18960 Vick Cemetery Road Conroe, Texas 77306

Riding lessons will be done at both 1707 Spring Creek Drive Spring, Texas 77386 and 18960 Vick Cemetery Road Conroe, Texas 77306


For further details, or to ask us any questions, leave your message along with your basic details in the ‘Contact Us’ section. You could also call or text us at 281-513-0504 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .